Barius European Opportunities I

Status: 05/17/2024

Fund portrait

The Barius European Opportunities fund seeks long-term growth of capital.
The investment strategy of the Barius European Opportunities fund pursues long-term participations in the earnings power of smaller growth companies headquartered in Western Europe. The portfolio comprises mainly companies with a market capitalization of up to EUR 1 billion that enjoy strong competitive positions in their niche segments and offer superior and sustainable growth rates. The focus of the investment strategy is to identify so-called free cash flow compounders and to take positions in these companies with a long-term time horizon. The selection of securities is based on a fundamental evaluation process. In addition to quantitative analyses, due diligence activities concentrate on qualitative assessments, in which the companies are being appraised for the sustainability of their profitability, growth potential, strategic competitive positioning and unique selling propositions.

Fund profile

Inception date
Total fund assets 12.3 M EUR
Fund currency EUR
Current issue price EUR147.65 (05/17/2024)
Current return price EUR147.65 (05/17/2024)
Performance current year 3.24 % (05/17/2024)


  • Key information sheet (PRIIPs) (de) Status : 01/24/2024 (103.92 kB)
  • Prospectus (de) Status : 04/01/2024 (1.32 MB)
  • Factsheet private investors (monthly) (en) Status : 07/14/2022 (89.07 kB)
  • Factsheet private investors (monthly) (de) Status : 05/07/2024 (98.70 kB)
  • Annual report (de) Status : 08/31/2023 (1.23 MB)
  • Semi-annual report (de) Status : 02/29/2024 (592.84 kB)
  • Impact of sustainability risks (de) Status : 01/01/2023 (14.12 kB)
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Asset structure


This chart shows the fund's performance as a percentage loss or gain per year over the last 10.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The markets may develop completely differently in the future. You can use the chart to evaluate how the fund has been managed in the past. The performance is shown after deducting the running costs. Entry and exit costs are not included in the calculation. The Barius European Opportunities I was launched on 09/03/2018. Historical performance has been calculated in EUR.

Performance in 12-month periods and %

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