Fund portrait

The fund's investment objective is to achieve the most stable growth in value possible.
To achieve this, the fund invests worldwide in the various asset classes, primarily equities, bonds as well as precious metals and alternative investments within the scope of the instruments permitted for the fund in accordance with the UCITS Directive. In doing so, the fund strives for a balanced diversification in all asset classes. As part of a global and diversified wealth management approach, the structure of the fund is monitored and regularly adjusted to market changes. The fund does not follow a benchmark.

Fund profile

Inception date
Total fund assets 31.8 M EUR
Fund currency EUR
Current issue price EUR54.20 (03/30/2023)
Current return price EUR54.20 (03/30/2023)
Performance current year n/a (03/30/2023)


  • Key information sheet (PRIIPs) (de) Status : 03/28/2023 (173.80 kB)
  • Prospectus (de) Status : 01/01/2023 (1.17 MB)
  • Factsheet private investors (monthly) (en) Status : 03/14/2023 (1.09 MB)
  • Factsheet private investors (monthly) (de) Status : 03/14/2023 (1.10 MB)
  • Factsheet private investors (daily) (de) Status : 03/31/2023 (1.09 MB)
  • Factsheet private investors (daily) (en) Status : 03/31/2023 (1.09 MB)
  • Annual report (de) Status : 09/30/2022 (1.65 MB)
  • Semi-annual report (de) Status : 03/31/2022 (133.22 kB)
  • Impact of sustainability risks (de) Status : 01/01/2023 (14.09 kB)

Asset structure


This chart shows the fund's performance as a percentage loss or gain per year over the last 10.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The markets may develop completely differently in the future. You can use the chart to evaluate how the fund has been managed in the past. The performance is shown after deducting the running costs. Entry and exit costs are not included in the calculation. The Der Zukunftsfonds C was launched on 11/01/2017. Historical performance has been calculated in EUR.

Performance in 12-month periods and %