Summary of your investor rights


As well as preparing and providing the documents required by law, HANSAINVEST Hanseatische Investment-Gesellschaft mbH (hereinafter referred to as “HANSAINVEST”) also publishes information exclusively for sales and marketing purposes. These documents are not contractually binding, nor are they sufficient to make an informed investment decision.

A decision about acquiring a unit in an investment fund should be made only after receiving and reading the sales prospectus and the key investor information and obtaining prior legal, tax and investment advice.

The information on this website does not constitute an invitation to submit an offer or acquire a unit in the respective investment fund.

If the investment fund promotes environmental or social characteristics or makes a sustainable investment, the information under Article 10 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (Disclosure Regulation) on transparency when promoting environmental or social characteristics is available to assist with the decision on acquiring a unit.

Please do not hesitate to contact us before filing legal action in the event of a dispute. Conflicts can generally be resolved at an earlier stage.


As an asset management company, we are supervised by the Bundesanstalt der Finanzaufsicht (BaFin – German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority).

Investor protection plays a vital role on the capital market. Misconduct, especially in the case of false or misleading information or the failure to publish relevant information, can result in claims for damages by the investor. There are various ways you as an investor can assert your claims.

Below you can find a summary of legal enforcement options that are available to you as an investor in addition to conventional civil action before an ordinary court.


HANSAINVEST has joined the ombudsman’s office for investment funds of BVI Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management e.V. (“BVI”).

Information to describe BVI’s ombudsman process


In the case of disputes in connection with purchase or service agreements concluded electronically, consumers can also use the EU’s online dispute resolution platform ( The following e-mail can be given as the contact address for HANSAINVEST:

The platform itself is not a dispute settlement authority: it merely puts consumers in contact with a responsible national arbitration board or the company.


As well as the individual dispute resolution options described, under certain conditions you can also make use of collective legal redress proceedings such as the Model Declaratory Action in accordance with section 606 of the Zivilprozessordnung (ZPO - German Code of Civil Procedure) or an investor model case procedure in accordance with the Kapitalanleger-Musterverfahrensgesetz (KapMuG - German Capital Markets Model Case Act). As well as being a consumer, a certain quorum must participate in the proceedings. You should obtain suitable legal advice before participating in such proceedings and on the requirements of participation.


Under sections 295a, 313a KAGB, a UCITS management company may revoke the distribution of units or shares in an EU UCITS distributed in accordance with section 310 KAGB or a UCITS distributed in another member state of the European Union or another contracting state to the Agreement on the European Economic Area in accordance with section 312 KAGB at any time after 2 August 2021.

UCITS are undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities that aim to invest the collected funds of a broad public for collective account in securities and/or other assets in accordance with the principle of risk diversification. The individual structure of the OGAW and the issuers in which the individual UCITS is invested are stated in the official sales documents.

Investors must be informed of a withdrawal using a widely available medium that is known to the investors. Electronic mediums are sufficient here. In addition, in the event of a withdrawal HANSAINVEST must submit an offer to the investors to repurchase or redeem all units. If the investor’s identity is known, they must receive a personalised offer. In addition, the offer to repurchase or redeem all units or shares must be made public for at least 30 working days. The investor must not incur any additional costs if the investor takes up the repurchase or redemption option.

If HANSAINVEST revokes the cross-border distribution of an EU-OGAW, it must provide investors with the current versions of the annual report, the half-year report, the prospectus, the investment conditions, the articles of association and the issue and redemption price in German and in languages standard in international finance.